Choosing The Right Type Of Garage Door Weather Stripping For Your Home

Keeping your garage warm and dry with weather stripping can be a quick and cost-effective improvement. But with so many types of weather stripping available, which one is right for you? This guide will help you choose the best type of weather stripping for your needs, along with tips for installation.

Understand the Different Types of Garage Door Weather Stripping.

Keep your garage door stable, secure and efficient with the help of weather stripping! A variety of materials can be used to create a seal around your garage that keeps air, dust, water and rodents from entering or escaping. From foam or rubber compression seals for exterior doors, to vinyl strips offering an aesthetically pleasing option - you're sure to find one that suits both style and function for optimal performance in any situation.

Choose the Right Material for Your Climate and Door Type

Enhance the security of your garage with our selection of weather-proof seals. Door Sweeps firmly attach to the bottom edge via a steel, PVC or aluminum retainer and provide an extra layer of protection from moisture, dust and pests.

For further insulation try Garage Door Threshold Seals are great to install. They stick on your floor using adhesive solution!

Stop Weather Stripping prevents elements from entering door cracks. These strips seal the top and sides to keep out air drafts during cold winter months!

To keep the gaps between panels closed; get yourself panel weather stripping tailored to seal up any small crevices when you finally close everything tight. These weather strips are flexible rubber and V-shaped for a tight seal.

Let our trained technicians install weatherstripping for you

Let our technicians help you decide the perfect type of weather stripping for your garage door and climate. We provide free estimates, and professional same day installation services so you can enjoy a perfectly sealed garage door. Our trained team will assess the condition of your current door using an industry leading 26-point inspection and make sure to accurately measure before installing the new weather stripping. Contact us today to find out how our experienced installers can complete this project quickly, efficiently and with precision.

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