5 Things to Look For in a Professional Garage Door Service Company

Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repairs, choosing the right garage door service is essential for a successful outcome. There are five key considerations when selecting a service provider who can offer quality products and reliable support every time.

1. Ask About Experience and Qualifications

When you’re considering garage door service companies, make sure to ask about their experience and qualifications. Check if the staff has been properly trained and certified in installing, repairing, and servicing garage doors and openers. A reputable company should be able to provide evidence of their credentials to back up their claims of being experienced professionals.

Each technician at Anytime Garage Door undergoes and must pass an intensive 9-week training program, which includes classroom-style training on communication and presentation skills. Technical instruction and training are performed on our life-size garage door simulator and in customers' homes. We are committed to providing our community with superior-quality maintenance, service, and repair solutions.

2. Get a Free Quote Before Booking the Job

Professional garage door services should provide free quotes before providing repair services. Compare prices with different companies to make sure you’re getting the best price for the job. It is also important to get complete details about any material costs, labor fees, warranties, or other guarantees associated with the work a company may be providing.

At Anytime Garage Door, we provide free quotes. Anytime Garage Door provides same-day appointments with free estimates. Our technician visits your home to ask questions and performs an industry-leading 26-point safety inspection that will evaluate your garage door system's condition.  Our technician will see the issues and make the proper recommendations.

Call us to schedule your same-day appointment.

3. Read Reviews From Customers

It's always important to read reviews before selecting a garage door service. Search sites like Google and Yelp for customer reviews, as they can provide great insight into the level of service you can expect. Check how many reviews each company has received to help determine which companies may be worth considering - each business should have at least several reviews. Additionally, don’t forget to ask family and friends if they can recommend any local companies that have provided them with exceptional service.

4. Ensure the Service Company Offers Warranties and Maintenance Plans

When you sign up for a garage door service, you want to make sure they offer warranties on their work. A reputable service company will stand behind any repairs or installation with a warranty to ensure that if any further work is needed beyond the initial repair/installation it will be covered. Additionally, look for companies that offer maintenance plans. This allows you to keep regular checks on your garage door’s condition and maintain good working order which can help keep unexpected breakdowns at bay.

At Anytime Garage Door, we provide a warranty for 30 days on labor and 1-3 years on parts, depending.

5. Look for Expert Insights From Your Garage Door Professional

When you select a garage door service company, make sure that the professionals have all the necessary skills and knowledge of their craft. Look for providers that can offer valuable advice beyond the services they provide to you. For example, will your service provider be able to give expert insights as to why regular maintenance is important? Can they offer an in-depth analysis of how best to keep your garage door properly lubricated or at what temperature it should operate? These types of insights can help safeguard against future breakdowns!

At Anytime Garage Door, we firmly believe in education, honesty, and transparency to our customers. Providing accurate information allows the homeowner to make a knowledgeable and confident decision. Our tech will explain what the issues are and how each would be addressed so there is proper, open communication without surprises.

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