Prompt Garage Door Repair Services That Restore Eden Prairie, MN Homeowners’ Peace of Mind

A malfunctioning garage door has a knack for disrupting your life. It can delay your departure from home and make you late for work, school, or appointments. And, if you plan on landscaping your yard one weekend, accessing your lawn mower and tools may be a chore by itself. Fortunately, with Anytime Garage Door just a phone call away, you won't waste another minute worrying. We offer same-day garage door repair service throughout the Eden Prairie, MN area, ensuring your peace of mind.

Effective Solutions When Your Garage Door Fails

Whether your garage door refuses to budge or emits worrisome sounds, our team of skilled technicians is ready to assist. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of garage door issues, from worn rollers and off-track doors to sensor problems and broken cables. No matter the problem, we have the expertise to promptly restore your garage door's functionality. Furthermore, we perform a 26-point safety inspection to guarantee smooth operation and pinpoint any potential issues requiring attention in the near future.

Garage Door Installation

A properly installed garage door is not just about aesthetics; it's also about functionality and weather resistance. At Anytime Garage Door, we specialize in providing expert garage door installation services tailored to the unique needs of homeowners in the Eden Prairie, MN area. Our team of trained technicians understands the importance of a durable and energy-efficient garage door, especially considering the harsh winters and fluctuating temperatures in Eden Prairie.

When you choose Anytime Garage Door for your installation needs, you can expect:

● Professional assessment and measurement of your garage space

● Guidance on selecting the right style and material for your home

● Precise installations to guarantee proper fit and operation

● Attention to detail to address any potential issues or concerns

● Quality products from trusted manufacturers designed to withstand the high highs and low lows of Minnesota’s weather

Garage Door Openers

A reliable garage door opener is essential for the convenience and security of your home in Eden Prairie, MN. Anytime Garage Door offers a wide selection of garage door openers designed to meet the specific needs of local homeowners. Whether you prefer a traditional chain-drive opener or a quiet jackshaft-drive model, we have the right solution for you.

Our garage door openers come with features such as:

● Quiet operation to minimize noise disturbances

● Battery backup for continued operation during power outages

● Smart home and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring and control

● Security features to protect against intruders

Garage Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in the longevity and performance of your garage door system in Eden Prairie, MN. Anytime Garage Door offers comprehensive maintenance services to help homeowners maintain the reliability and safety of their garage doors throughout the year.

Our maintenance services include:

● Lubrication of moving parts to reduce friction and wear

● Inspection of springs, cables, and rollers for signs of damage or wear

● Adjustment of tracks and hardware for proper alignment

● Testing of safety features such as auto-reverse mechanism and sensors

● Cleaning and weatherproofing to protect against moisture and corrosion

By scheduling regular maintenance with Anytime Garage Door, you can avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your garage door system.

Why Choose Anytime Garage Door?

When you choose Anytime Garage Door for your garage door needs in Eden Prairie, MN, you can expect:

● Reliable service from a locally owned and operated company

● Prompt service as we are open seven days a week including most major holidays

● Quality products from top manufacturers backed by warranties

● Transparent pricing and upfront estimates

● Exceptional customer service and satisfaction guaranteed

Transparent Pricing and Free Estimates for Garage Door Repair

At Anytime Garage Door, transparency is key. You'll never encounter hidden fees or surprises. We provide free estimates for all our services, and there are no trip fees involved. Our commitment to transparency ensures you have a clear understanding of the costs upfront, empowering you to make informed decisions about your garage door repair. To schedule a free estimate for garage door repair at your Eden Prairie, MN home, contact Anytime Garage Door today.

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Customer Reviews

It’s clear what makes Anytime Garage Door the nation’s preferred garage door company. See what our customers have to say about us!

“Mike K. was professional and very helpful in replacing my garage door spring within hours of its breaking. Anytime Garage Doors was prompt. Wish everything could be so fast and easy.”

Lance P.

“Scott fixed our garage door issues from top-to-bottom. Very happy with the results! Thanks Scott!”

Jennifer H.

“Dean was courteous, friendly and did a great job diagnosing my garage door issue. He gave me a quote with options before starting the work, so there were no surprises. He replaced my door springs right then and got my door working before dinner!”

Ashley C.

“Mike T. did a great job explaining the problems and laying out a solution. Very professional and on time.”

David L.
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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Do you work on both residential and commercial garage doors?

We specialize in servicing a wide range of residential garage doors of all sizes. Please note, however, that our expertise is focused on residential doors, and we do not handle commercial doors.

Do you offer warranties on your work?

We stand behind all of our work, so it comes as no surprise that we offer warranties on parts and labor! There is a standard, 90 day warranty period on our labor and parts (excluding accessories). Some of our services, such as spring replacements, come with multiple options when it comes to warranty length on parts, designed so you can pick the option that's best for you.

Do you provide financing or any promotional offers?

Yes, fix your garage door now and pay over time. We offer $0 down, 0% APR, for 18 months. Check out our promotions tab at the top as well for first time customer discounts. And if you are in our phone number database, we occasionally send out limited time promotions via text.

What if I have questions or concerns?

We specialize in helping people keep their garage door in optimal working order. Call us today to find out more about available services and repairs for your garage.

The garage door repair company I used and trusted for years is now owned by your company. Is there anything I should know about the change?

By creating partnerships with some of the most established names in the garage door industry, our family of companies has been able to create a growing enterprise. This allows garage door business owners to transition into retirement and/or partnership, knowing that the customer relationships they've worked so hard to build are going to remain strong. Owners can trust that their reputations will be honored with the same great service they've provided their communities with for GENERATIONS. We pledge to grow and build upon those relationships, now and for generations to come. If you’re familiar with any of the following names, you’ll love that we provide the same level of service and expertise:

ABC Garage Door Solutions
ABC Garage Door
Ace Garage Door/Native Roots
All American
All Secure Garage Doors and Openers
All Secure GD
Automated Home Services
Capital City Garage Doors
Click It Garage Doors
Cornell Garage Doors
Garage Door Specialist
Garage Door Specialist Inc
Garys Overhead Door
Hawkins Garage Door
Jackson Overhead Doors
Jon's Garage Doors
KC Garage Door Man
KP Garage Doors
Maiden Overhead Door
Midwest Molding Garage Door
Mikes Anoka Garage Doors
Professional Garage Doors
Quality Garage Door
Ron The Door Man
Subcon Door

Garage Door Safety FAQ

Why should I hire a professional to work on my garage doors?

Residential garage doors come in many variations, but any type of garage door can be dangerous to work on without proper training. While it may be easy to spot certain problems with a garage door, handling the repair can be a different matter entirely.​ A heavy garage door that is jamming, moving slowly, or making abnormal amounts of noise may be in danger of coming loose. This could cause serious damage, so attempting to do the repair yourself is not advised. Call us for same-day service and free estimates, so you don't have to risk danger.

How common are garage door accidents and injuries?

Garage door accidents are unfortunately quite common, resulting in 20,000 to 30,000 injuries annually. In the United States alone, over 12,500 garage door-related injuries occur every year.

What types of injuries are commonly associated with garage doors?

Garage door accidents can lead to various types of injuries, including pinching injuries (which can result in finger amputations), crushing injuries caused by falling garage doors, lacerations from glass in garage windows, injuries from the sudden fall of a garage door while attempting to get in or out, and injuries from spring snap and sharp edges.

How serious are pinching injuries caused by garage doors?

Pinching injuries caused by garage doors can be extremely serious and even result in finger amputations. These injuries occur in over 7,000 cases each year, highlighting the need for proper garage door safety measures.

What precautions should I take to avoid garage door accidents?

To prevent garage door accidents, it's crucial to ensure that the door is properly maintained, the sensors are functioning correctly, and that children are educated about garage door safety. Avoid attempting to enter or exit the garage when the door is closing, as over 2,000 injuries occur each year due to this behavior.

Garage Door Maintenance

Do you suggest preventative maintenance for the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs?

As professional garage door experts, we find ourselves recommending preventative maintenance to our valued customers more than anything else. We suggest having our “tune up” performed on your garage door every year based on 2,000 cycles (an open and close of the garage door) per year. For a small fee, a technician will conduct an industry leading 26-point inspection of your garage door including any needed lubrication and adjustments. If any part needs to be replaced, you will be consulted before a change is made.

I just bought an older home, should I get my garage door looked at?

If the previous owner did not give you copies of the last garage door service, getting your garage door looked at should be high on your priority list for your safety, security, and peace of mind. We will provide a free 26-point inspection, and for a small fee, we offer a lube & tube service that includes a lube of moving parts, and a tightening of loose nuts and bolts.

Why should I keep my garage doors in good condition?

Garage doors rely on a number of unique and interconnected parts to function properly. Since these doors will likely be used on a regular basis, it is important that the hardware used to maneuver them is reliable. Even the most durable parts can break down over time, so it is important to know that your garage door is in good working order to ensure your own safety and to save you money in the long run.

How often do I need to maintain my garage door?

We suggest having our “tune up” performed on your garage door every year, based on 2,000 cycles (an open and close of the garage door) per year.

Garage Door Repairs

What should I do if the spring at the top of my garage door is broken?

A broken spring is a safety hazard. Broken garage door springs could cause your garage door to open unevenly or make screeching or unusual noises. Do not attempt to operate the door. The garage door is the largest moving object in the home. The torsion spring assembly is under extreme tension. An improperly adjusted garage door and/or opener can exert deadly force which could lead to serious injury or death. Have only an authorized technician or other qualified technician service your door and operator. To prevent harm or further damage, be sure to call us for a same-day service appointment and a free estimate if you suspect you have broken springs.

My garage door seems like it's getting louder and louder when I open and close it. What’s wrong?

Anytime Garage Door can help you restore peace and quiet to the neighborhood! Our lube-and-tune service includes an extensive 26-point safety inspection that will identify potential sources of noise. We'll lubricate key components like torsion springs, rollers and hinges, as well as tightening any loose nuts and bolts- all simple solutions for silencing creaks. If we determine more serious repairs are necessary after our full evaluation, we offer reliable same-day service to get your garage door running smoothly again in no time!

Can a damaged garage door be repaired?

Our experienced and trained technicians are here to help if you're dealing with a broken garage door. We can work on any make or model of residential garages, and offer repairs for common issues including off-track doors, broken springs, broken rollers, broken garage door openers, bent tracks, and more. Plus - we provide a full warranty on our repairs, so that you feel comfortable knowing you're in good hands!

Is it better to repair or replace my garage door?

When it comes to repairing your garage door, sometimes severe damage can reach a point where an efficient and cost-effective solution is simply replacing the entire system. At other times, a simple repair will do the job. We will send one of our trained technicians to assess and fix your garage door, arriving fully equipped with all the tools and parts they need to get your garage door repaired or replaced the same day you call.

My sensors are Yellow and Green, is that normal?

Yes, it's normal. The sending sensor typically has a yellow light, while the receiving sensor has a green light. To ensure proper alignment, make sure the yellow light on the sending sensor is on, and the green light on the receiving sensor is on. If the green light is off, your safety sensors will need realignment.

Garage Door Openers

Which garage door opener is best for optimizing storage space?

For maximizing your storage options, we highly recommend the jackshaft garage door opener. Positioned on the side of the garage, it opens up additional space above, providing you with more room for storage while maintaining functionality.

Can I fix the vibrations throughout my home when the garage door is in use?

We empathize with your situation and are dedicated to resolving this concern. We offer and can install the world's quietest motors, ensuring a smooth and noise-free operation that you can simply set and forget.

How much horsepower should my garage door opener have?

When choosing a garage door opener, consider its horsepower which indicates its strength. For balanced, residential garage doors, a ½ horsepower opener is usually enough, but for steelback, wood, and oversized garage doors opt for a ¾ horsepower opener to ensure proper lifting capacity.

Is my opener compatible with my car's built-in remote?

If you have an older motor, you shouldn't have any compatibility issues when it comes to your car's built-in remote. For customers with newer motors, these should be compatible with your car's built-in remote as long as your car is not older than a 2014 model. If your motor is newer but your car is older, we can install Homelink bridges that serve as adapters so you don't have to go buy a new car just because you bought a new garage door.

Installations + New Doors

Can I add windows to my existing garage door?

If you are looking for some more light, or a new view out your garage​, we can add windows to your existing garage door. Contact us, so we can check the availability of window models and sizes that will be the perfect fit for your garage door needs and preferences.

I need a new garage door that's approved by my HOA, can you help?

We can absolutely help! Our technicians are very familiar with all brands and models of garage doors, from standard doors to custom doors made just for you. Oftentimes our technicians can identify a door just by looking at it! And if that's not the case, we have all the resources we need to find and order the exact door that will satisfy both your standards and your association's!

Door Accessories

How can I open and close my garage using my smartphone?

If you are looking to open and close your door using your smartphone, make sure you have a garage door opener that has this capability. Most garage door openers made after 1993 are compatible, but older versions might need a wall control panel, too. From there, connect your garage door opener with the MyQ app. Call us for assistance so we can install the right technology for you.

Do I need garage door weatherstripping?

For residential garage doors, we offer a variety of weatherstripping for any garage door. Weatherstripping is vital, as it can keep cold winds out, block cold or hot air, and prevent debris and animals from coming inside your garage.

When do I need to replace my garage door's weatherstripping?

If your garage door's weatherstripping is cracked, torn, ripped, or there's a breeze or dirt coming in around the door, it is time to install new weatherstripping. Depending on the type of weatherstripping used, we recommend replacing it along your garage doors to improve insulation every 2-3 years.

Can I install decorative hardware to my garage door?

If you are looking for an updated look to your garage, or to increase curb appeal and the perceived value of your home, adding decorative hardware such as door knockers and horizontal hinges is the perfect solution. We can remove all of the guesswork for you with a seamless install.

Do you provide features to ensure secure Amazon package deliveries?

Absolutely! Your family's safety and the security of your home is our main focus. Inquire about our openers compatible with the myQ app. With myQ, you can take advantage of Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, granting Amazon drivers one-time, verified access to securely deliver inside your garage. No need to share your garage code or manually grant entry. Additionally, we offer openers equipped with cameras, granting you real-time visibility into your garage and ensuring that any visitor leaves the space just as they found it.

If I have two garage doors, can I use one remote to open and close them?

Fortunately, most motors are compatible with a universal remote, allowing you to open both your garage doors using a single remote.

Does my garage door opener need a back-up battery?  Will this cost me extra?

While it's not completely necessary, we do recommend back-up batteries for customers that experience power outages due to severe weather or otherwise. When power to your home is lost, your motor will need to be reset before it can be used to access your garage door. If you have a back-up battery, this can be connected to your motor for continued use for about 10 complete opening and closing cycles until your power is back on. There is no need to worry when it comes to the cost of back-up batteries. We have garage door opener options that come with back-up batteries, and these can be more cost effective than buying an opener and a back-up battery separately.

How do I program my keyless entry pad?

Press the "learn button" on the motor, enter your desired 4-digit code and press enter on your keypad. When the motor lights flash or you hear a click sound, you will know it's programmed. If you're having issues, let us know and we will gladly send a technician your way!

How do I program my garage door remote control?

There are several easy steps to program your remote. First, locate, press, and hold your remote’s “program button” until the light flashes. Your remote is now in program mode, as doing this has opened the programming signal in the remote. Then, press the “learn button” on the motor. Hit the button on the remote that you want to program, until the motor flashes or you hear a click. Lastly, take the remote out of program mode to remember the setting by pressing the “program button” a single time. As for remotes that are built into your car, use your car's manual to find step-by-step instructions. If you still need help, call us for friendly assistance.

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